ALMI’s pipe grinders are sturdy, precision machines. They operate at high speeds and consequently their stability has a great influence on the ultimate result. Stainless-steel sections and pipes can be machined problem free, at high speed without grinding burrs or heat discoloration. The grinding rollers can be changed without tools in just seconds, saving an enormous amount of time and money! The grinding belt can also be changed very easily from one side of the machine. Once the sections and pipes have been ground they can be deburred using the handy deburring table on top of the machine.
ALMI machines with lever operation are suitable for left and right-handed operators. ALMI’s pipe grinders offer trouble-free, precise, rapid and efficient machining of pipes for many years and this is backed by a 3 year warranty which comes as standard.
Sturdy and precise;
Ideally suited to grinding stainless steel rapidly;
Fitted with grinding rollers that can be changed in seconds;
Equipped with a handy deburring table;
Suitable for both left and right-handed operation;
Suitable for grinding every required material;
Grind every required diameter at every required angle between 30° and 90°.